2nd International Public Mental Health Conference (EUPHA)

It is our pleasure to welcome all professionals involved in public health aspects of mental health to the
2nd International Public Mental Health Conference, of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) Section on Public Mental Health, to be held in Jerusalem, Israel, June 19-21, 2019.


Public mental health is a way of viewing psychiatry through the needs of the community, the public resources available to meet those needs, and a call for mental health professionals, epidemiologists and policy planners to rally together to meet those needs.


The first Public Mental Health (PMH) congress was held in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2017. In recent decades, public mental health has become a cornerstone in the field of public health. Most excitingly public mental health addresses the conditions ranking high among the top causes of global burden of disease.

Community factors are increasingly understood as critical factors in the development and the maintenance of mental disorders and mental health. The theme of our conference will be RESILIENCE AND RECOVERY. This is highly relevant not only for our professionals but also for the public. Renowned scientists from many countries of the world will present the most recent research and discuss these topics.


We cordially invite you to participate and contribute to this exciting conference in Jerusalem!


We invite submissions that provide scientific knowledge fitting one of the conference tracks.


On behalf of the scientific committee, we wish you a warm welcome in Jerusalem,

Jutta Lindert PhD, Haim Belmaker MD, Haim Knobler MD, Ido Lurie MD




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