SPEAKERS (Partial list)

Henrique Barros

University of Porto, Portugal

TALK TITLE : Mental Health in the Life Course 

Tal Bergman-Levy

Ministry of Health, Israel

TALK TITLE : The Israeli Mental Health Reform Effects on Access to Care

Johan Bilsen

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

TALK TITLE : Suicide prevention in Belgium

Terry Brugha

University of Leicester, UK

TALK TITLE: Autism Spectrum Disorders in Adulthood - a Public Health Challenge 

Shiri Daniels

ERAN - Mental Health Crisis Hot Line, Israel

TALK TITLE : Mental Support of the Community in Crisis by the Telephone and the Internet

Moshe Farchi

Tel Hay College, Israel

TALK TITLE : The National Israeli "Mental First-Aid" Program Preparing the Community for Conflict or Disaster

Jutta Lindert

University of Emden, Germany

TALK TITLE: War, Refugees and Mental Health

Gila Matzliah-Liberman

Ministry of Education, Israel

TALK TITLE : Preparing Children for Disasters

David Roe

University of Haifa, Israel

TALK TITLE: Efforts Towards Recovery and Evidence Based Practice

Gil Zalsman

Tel Aviv University, Israel

TALK TITLE: Can We Really Prevent Suicide?

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